Increase marketing efficiency
with optimized in-app message campaigns.

Message the right customer at the right place!

Send customized marketing messages to web/app service users!

Design an in-app message campaign
based on users' real-time behaviors.


At the specific event occurrence,
more powerful targeting is possible.

Utilizing Hackle's user attributes, event attributes, and URL auto-collection capabilities, you can achieve precise campaign target segmentation for improved results.

Send the most suitable message for individual user characteristics, such as promotional information, coupon giveaways, and welcome greetings!

Action-based classification of
User & Event properties


Create in-app messages easily
through various templates
provided by Hackle!

Hackle offers a variety of in-app message templates,
considering the purpose of the campaign, the characteristics of the media, and the content type.

Create various messages using the basic templates provided by Hackle.


Apply Hackle's advanced A/B testing
to in-app messages.

Verify optimized marketing messages considering user characteristics
such as purchasing behavior, interests, and length of stay through A/B testing.
  • A/B Test

  • AI-based Automatic Optimization

    Coming soon

Check your campaign performance easily on the Hackle data analytics dashboard!

Establish an effective marketing strategy
through campaign performance measured automatically by Hackle's data analysis.

SDK integration
in just 5 minutes

We provide both server and client-side SDK
that can be used for both web and app platforms,
allowing you to utilize Hackle's services
on various environments.


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