Anyone can analyze data
with ease
Not a data analyst? Not a problem.
Analyze and interpret data with intuitive clicks.

Data Insight

Analyze user behaviors in just a few clicks!

You can visualize and analyze a user's behavior data in a few clicks.
Gain visibility into customer product usage, including user influx, conversion rate, and business KPI trends.

Data Analytics


Check the results of your product performance
by retention rate, churn rate, reuse rate, etc.

Retention is a product success indicator itself.
Gain deep insights into user's stickiness under various conditions.


Break down
your data to find out
more about
product and users.


Analyze inflow/visit, conversion rate, KPI, etc.

Apply filters such as OS, route, and region to find out details of users.


Accurate results without data sampling

Data calculation is processed with real data, thus result is more reliable.


Preview customized charts at a glance

Check out automatically updated data chart on a single page

Event Management

Manage your event data
prior to data analytics

You can collect events and event attributes with a single SDK
integration! A/B testing, data analysis and feature flag is available simultaneously with same events.

Real-time status and trend analysis
Automatic event attribution collection
(Except automatic event collection)
Attach images to enhance event descriptions

SDK integration
in just 5 minutes

We provide both server and client-side SDK
that can be used for both web and app platforms,
allowing you to utilize Hackle's services
on various environments.


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