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What is an A/B Test?

A/B Test is an experimental method that compares new features or designs with existing ones targeting the same user group over the same period of time. It allows a precise assessment of the impact of each feature or design using data.


Data-driven Decision-making


Release new features/designs securely


Improve user experience based on performance

Conduct various experiments with Hackle A/B Test


Safely introduce new features, enhance
user experience with precise metrics.

A/B test is an experimental method comparing two or more versions to evaluate user responses and determine the most effective one.

By dividing users into experimental (B) and control (A) groups, you can analyze and make decisions.

  • Suitable for launching new features and improving user experience.
  • Recommended when you desire high flexibility in experimentation, distributed at desired intervals.
  • Supports both web and app. Server-side experimentation is possible.

Easily conduct A/B test with just URLs

Start A/B testing without developers’ help. Conduct experiments easily without code implementation.

URL tests automatically redirect users to comparison pages by specified distribution, and allows analysis of data between each page.

  • Teams with limited engineer resources.
  • start experiments with no-code solutions and other web builders.
  • Recommended for Experimenting with landing/event pages or text content.

MAB Test

MAB(Multi-Armed Bandit) testing proceeds by automatically adjusting traffic among groups to achieve optimal performance.

Maximize performance and enhance user experience by conducting MAB tests in display areas such as home screen banners, product carousels, and recommendation rankings. Then analyze user responses real-time to identify the most effective variant.

  • Recommended for driving traffic to the best-performing variant
    E.g. conducting experiments to determine the best banner or landing page for maximizing CTR (Click-Through Rate),
  • Optimizing home screen banners and product carousels.

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